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Once we have a roadmap for building a brand, we’ll start creating all the visual elements that will tell the world who you are. This can include elements such as logo design, web design, social media graphics and photography.

To do this, we’ll go through three main steps to the design process.

Color selection and logo design

Many people mistake their logo for being their brand, but your logo is just one important pieces ‐‐ a recognizable symbol that people identify with your brand. Golden arches, a red can with white script writing, or a simple white apple evoke far more than just a simple image. They evoke popular culture, quality products, memories, and emotions. Vivid Visual Solutions will help you create a memorable, attractive, and unique logo that can help your customers instantly recognize your brand.

We’ll also help with the seemingly daunting task of brand color selection. The colors you choose for your brand should match your goals, brand identity, and the promise you make your target market. All colors evoke emotion. Red can mean fire, blood, danger, passion, strength, power, love, or sexuality, whereas, blue can have a calming effect and represent a sturdy, stable, and trustworthy, brand. Color choices can be the difference between successful brand communication and misunderstandings that hurt your bottom line.

Image Development

If your brand requires completely original sources, or if unique photos would really push the envelop for you, Vivid Visual Solutions is happy to set up any photoshoots for images we’ll need for your brand. This may include a personal photoshoot and image makeover for you and your team. A personal photoshoot is especially important if you plan to be the face of your company. We’ll help you “dress the way you want to be addressed.“

Website Design

Website design begins with black and white wireframe planning. A wireframe is similar to blueprint for a house and assists in making decisions on what pages and sections will be built within the website, how pages link together, where certain elements will be positioned, and how they will function. This document will be a conduit linking our web designer and web developer to insure all parts are built to the exact planned specifications.

After your approval, we’ll begin creating a high resolution mockup in Photoshop. We’ll put all of your images, photos, and logos together to create layouts of the website’s homepage and one of the interior pages with your new written content incorporated into the design. This is where you get to see how your branding might look for your customers. It’s also where we’ll work with you to get all of the details just right.

Upon your approval of all design elements, we’ll move on to the building process.

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