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It’s time to rebrand and flaunt your fabulousness!

You’re leveraging stages and platforms to drive new leads to your business, but are you putting your best foot forward?

Don’t fumble the 💰! Present yourself and your brand effectively and close more deals.

Whether you’re rebranding or pivoting, we can create vivid visuals that showcase who you are, who you’re for, and what you can do.

FLAUNT Your Brand and land the high-end clients you dream of working with!

Lisa, Your Executive Brand Artisan Says “Why Aren’t You Flaunting Your Brand?”

Lisa serving Flaunt Your Brand

Many times, I’m scrolling on social media or assessing a client’s digital presence and I notice some major uh-oh’s and no-no’s.

Some of the biggest are…

  • There’s no clear target audience.
  • There’s no branding beyond the logo.
  • There’s no cohesion or consistency.
  • There are multiple voices and personalities presented.

When you FLAUNT Your Brand, you’ll work with me to dip, duck, and dodge those branding pitfalls and develop a rock solid brand that will pull the clients you love to work with and who need what you have to offer!

Let’s Get Down to Business

During your FYB VIP Experience you will…

  • Understand your brand identity 
  • Explore your target market
  • Craft impactful messaging based on your brand personality and voice
  • Discover unique strengths and differentiators, making your brand more attractive and appealing to your ideal clients

After your FYB VIP Experience I will receive…

  • Unique & recognizable logo

  • Comprehensive Brand Strategy Guide

  •  Branded Social Media Headers

  •  FLAUNT Amplifier – (9 branded Posts and captions Scheduled to 3 social media platform at a discounted rate.) 

We’re sending you off with everything you’ll need to wow your audience in these internet streets. 

Showcase your boss status in your industry. Show your dream clients what they’re missing and have them clamoring to get on your roster.

The FLAUNT Your Brand VIP Experience brings you confirmation and cohesiveness.

You know what you bring to the table; you just haven’t been effective in communicating it to your audience.

Your value has been lost in translation. My job is to listen to you, interpret what you want to uniquely showcase to your clients, and provide a kick-ass customized brand strategy for your company that will elevate your brand and skyrocket your revenue. 


Are you ready to FLAUNT?

You may be over being over it…

  • Tired of Dreading sending your social media and website because they haven’t been updated in years. 
  • Frustrated because you know who your target audience is but you don’t really know how to get their attention online. 
  • Wondering why you’re not generating leads, when you have and are giving so much value.
  • Feeling discouraged because your amazing offer isn’t getting any traction.
  • Scratching your head, because you’re just not sure what to do next. 

    If this is you, you’re not alone! I gotchu!  Go ahead and click the button. The FLAUNT Your Brand VIP Experience will get your branding all the way right so you can attract the clients that you want to work with

    Meet Your Executive Brand Artisan

    I have helped amazing entrepreneurs scale up their business through unique brand stories that reflect their values and speak to their target audiences.

    With my guidance, insight, and eye we have created strong and vivid identities that boosted their brand awareness and reach.

    I have a bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and Web Development from Davenport University. BUT, what does that mean, really? Nothing without the experience that I have gained to help my clients.

    Over my almost 2 decade career in digital marketing, I have worked for marketing and web teams for corporate companies and agencies on powerful campaigns for such companies as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Marvel.

    This means I can pass that knowledge and design sense to you!

    Brand and marketing strategist, Lisa Noble

    A few of the brands we’ve worked with

    Before I worked with Lisa Noble of Vivid Visual Solutions, I had no clear guidance on how to engage and attract new clients and build my audience through the various use of social media platforms. Before working with Lisa my Instagram page lacked having a theme. I’m happy to say it has a theme now and Lisa provided me with so much feedback, advice, tips, and data to help me grow in my social media presence.

    Lisa is very professional and relatable. She listens and really tries to learn your business and your needs. I love that she made me accountable by giving me homework. It was something I very much needed and was appreciative of because I can use the information to further my business.
    I think Lisa and her team are very creative and resourceful and whatever business needs I may encounter down the road, I trust that she will be able to assist me or point me in the right direction.

    Kawana Baldwin, Owner and Licensed Esthetician, Eyelash Kween

    Need to figure out how to attract more ideal clients with your brand?

    With my FLAUNT Your Brand Formula, we can take your brand from MEH to MESMERIZING!

    Flaunt Your Brand Session Game board
    You want people to know like and trust your company

    Phase 1


    Understanding your why and the reason people should trust you 

    We will:

    Answer these fundamental questions:

    • Who are you?
    • Why does your company exist?
    • How do you want your business to be perceived?
    • What are your values and mission?  
    Brand personality is all about your voice and message

    Phase 2


    Together we will help you find the best strategy for communicating and interacting with your customers.

    You will:

    • find your voice
    • find your unique brand story
    • articulate who you are as a business
    • discover what differentiates you from the competition


    Find your target audience

    Phase 3


    We will:

    Create a persona, a fictional representation of your ideal person who would use your services. The character is created based on our market research and the answers you give about who you would love to work with.   

    Why is this important?

    • It helps you to understand the needs and desires of your audience
    • It allows for more targeted posts and content
    • Helps you to create services that really benefit your ideal client
    45 minute Lunch Break



    We will:

    Take a lunch break to refresh and regroup.  This won’t be the only break, I promise.  We will take other breaks during our time together as needed. Don’t worry, I gotcha. I don’t want you getting all glossy eyed. 😵‍💫

    Brand positioning starts with competition research

    Phase 4


    We will:

    Do competitive research to identify gaps in the market.  We evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to see if we can capitalize and take over that positioning by giving the audience something they are not getting.


    A strong branding and marketing strategy will help you scale

    Phase 5


    We will:

    Create the Brand Marketing Road Map.  A tool to create, market, and maintain a strong brand that aligns with your business goals. It provides a clear blueprint for branding success, detailing the steps necessary to nurture and grow your brand. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, The Brand Marketing RoadMap will be the perfect guide to hand over to your team, a website developer, a social media manager, or an online business manager to insure consistency.

    Ready to get started?

    The FLAUNT Your Brand VIP Experience is perfect for you and your schedule!

    You have things to do. I get it! You want to be able to turn your brand around quickly and start boosting your awareness and revenue.

    I’m an entrepreneur and business owner too.  I get it… time is 💰. BUT I also want you to get the BEST results.

    This experience will give you everything you need to level up your branding and increase your business’s visibility, client base, revenue, and authority in your industry.

    After your FLAUNT Your Brand VIP Experience, you’ll:


    Have a renewed confidence that your brand represents you and your goals


    Stand out from the competition with a plan that is exactly what your audience is looking for


    Have the clarity and direction to make the right decisions for your business


    Have a streamlined, implementable branding strategy that lets you focus on achieving your business goals while your team, outsourced or not, can easily keep your business top of your audience’s mind

    Let’s create a brand strategy that makes your presence and your value undeniable. Grab attention and the 💰.

    Flaunt Your Brand VIP experience package is $4750.   Payment plans available.

    Dr. La-toya Gaines

    Dr. La-Toya Gaines, Owner and Licensed Therapist, Family Matters Counseling

    …They made what could have been a difficult cumbersome experience one that was really streamlined.  And I just really appreciated the professional behavior, the timeliness of getting things done, and really keeping me involved.  

    After the interview process and implementation, I noticed that my followers on social media improved and picked up quickly with the development of the new content.  

    I can also now tell when a post resonates with my audience because the amount of phone calls to my office and traffic to my website pick up. 

    I know that this comes from working the VVS team.


    How much is my investment?

    The Strategic Brand ShakeUp  comprehensive system has everything you need to build a strong, recognizable brand that will help you take your business to the next level.

    The price is $4750.

    Easy, secure payment through Quickbooks

    The FLAUNT Your Brand VIP Experience is a one-on-one session where we get all up in your business to create a brand identity and strategy that will boost your visibility and generate more leads.

    Are you ready to elevate your brand?

    Did I hear you say…”Hell yeah!” ?👂🏾🤣

    Don’t blend in with the competition. Get your brand life all the way together!

    With my FLAUNT Your Brand Formula, you can be confident that your brand will be represented well wherever you show up. 

    Make an impression!

    Got Questions?

    Good.  Don’t be shy. We’ve got answers.

    Will I have to show my face in my marketing?

    Not if you don’t want to.  There are so many ways to create video and photo content without showing your face.  We can find creative strategies to incorporate into your marketing plan.

    Do I have to dance on my social media channels?

    We get this question a lot.  No, you don’t.  There are so many ways to create valuable content without dancing.  Especially if that tactic does not fit your client-base.

    How soon would my strategy be ready?

    You can have your customized strategy within 10 days from the VIP date.

    I have a team. Can they be included in the process?

    Yes, they can be invited to the VIP Day as well.

    What's your favorite restaurant?

    I love most seafood or chinese restaurants.  How about you?

    What is the difference between my "brand" and a "brand strategy"?

    A brand is the overall identity of your company, including its name, logo, and other visual elements. A brand strategy is the plan that guides how your brand is positioned in the market and how it communicates with your customers.