If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your website, that’s a huge win. That means in a sea of over a billion websites, you’re doing enough to stand out. High five! Unfortunately, we have some bad news: traffic doesn’t equal sales. If you’ve ever had a physical storefront for a business, you know that sometimes people come in just to ask questions, to window shop, or simply because they’re lost. Sometimes, they walk in thinking they want to buy, but change their minds.

It’s the same with your website.

So how do you turn visits into sales? Well, we know a branding coach and social media consultant in Southfield, Michigan who has a solution. We recommend stepping up your social media game.

How Can Social Media Help?

You may have heard that social media doesn’t directly lead to sales. Seriously, people aren’t on Facebook so you can market to them, right?

The thing is, most people don’t want to be marketed to at all.

That’s why you need to go to where they hang out and you need to blend in. Give them what they are looking for on social media:

  • Human interaction
  • Answers to their questions
  • Cute hamster memes

Because the truth is, if visitors are interacting with you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, they’re already in your sales funnel. Create quality posts that your ideal client will love. You’ll not only attract those kinds of followers, but you’ll already be in the process of nurturing those leads before they ever step a digital foot inside your digital storefront.


Social Media and Sales

Does a single great post lead to a sale? Not very often. In fact, it takes 6 to 8, sometimes more, touchpoints to make a sale.

If the first time someone hears about you and what you have to offer is after a Google search lands them on your website, that’s only a single touchpoint. If they stick around and read your blog or other information, that can increase those touchpoints. But chances are, they’re just browsing or researching today. Chances are, they’re going to look at other brands, talk to their friends, and hit up some review sites.

If your brand keeps popping up in other places as a solid choice, that’s how you make sales. Social media provides potential customers with a place to do all that, so make sure you’re present and engaging with your followers at every opportunity.

Want to grow your social media presence? Nurture leads into sales on Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and more with Vivid Visual Solutions. We’re a brand coaching, website building, social media consultant in Southfield, Michigan that’s helped brands like yours succeed in a competitive digital landscape. How can we help you today? Contact us to find out!