You have a personal Facebook profile and you’ve been using it to market your business. But did you know you can increase the return on your efforts by creating a Facebook Business page, too?

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Here are just some of the reasons we think you should have one.

Paid Benefits of a Business Page

Many entrepreneurs have reservations about upgrading their Facebook accounts to business. Mainly, they worry that it will cost them more. The truth is, it doesn’t cost anything to create a business page, but it does give you access to a few paid services. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. Those services include:

Promoting Pages and Posts

Have you ever struggled to get people to follow you or see your posts? We all have. But with a business page, you have the option to promote those things so more people will see them for just a few dollars.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is at heart a social platform, but it’s also a tool to help you get people onto your website (and hopefully, convert them to customers).  Ads are the perfect way to do that. They allow you to inexpensively get your message in front of people who would normally never see it.

Free Benefits of a Business Page

While we recommend you take advantage of the paid benefits of having a business account, there are plenty of benefits that won’t cost you a penny. They are:

Your Facebook Business Page Itself

This page is all about your business. You can add a logo, photos, videos, and more just like your personal page. But you also have more tools and benefits:

A Divider

Most people want to use their Facebook accounts to keep up with friends and family, but if your business is integrated into your personal account, you’ll have to think twice before posting that vacation selfie or let Uncle Lyle spout is political agenda while commenting on one of your posts. With a Facebook Business page, you can keep your professional image separate from your personal life.


What do you know about the people following your personal page? If you haven’t met them in person, probably not much. But Facebook knows a lot about them. It knows what brands they follow, where they’ve clicked, where they live, and who they interact with. These insights become available to you when you have a business page, so you can maximize your social media marketing efforts by targeting the right people.


Want a big, visible button that takes users right to your website? How about an easy way to keep track of posts users have created on your page? An instant view of how many likes and followers you have? Your business page has all that and more.

Jumpstarting your Facebook page and building the right leads can be a hassle. We at Vivid Visual Solutions offer Facebook management. If you are ready to grow your business utilizing Facebook click here to book a session.