Our Process

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The Process

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Our process - plan

Building a branding strategy doesn’t happen in a day. It’s not something that you can just wing, either. Effective brand strategy requires careful planning, and that’s where Vivid Visual Solutions will start on your branding project. During this vital process, we’re your partner in creating a strategic goal map to take your brand to the next level.

We’ll begin by evaluating your current branding and web presence by asking hard-hitting questions, like:

  • What are your strategic branding goals?
  • Who is your ideal customer or target market?
  • How will you serve them?
  • Are you effectively connecting with your market? If not, why not?

You know when you’re not connecting with your target market. You can see it in your engagement rates, your sales, and your bottom line. Understanding the reasons for a lack of connection can be more difficult to figure out, however. It can be any of the following:

  • Your logo is not memorable or you don’t have one
  • Your website does not tell your story in a compelling or lead‐generating way
  • The colors and imagery of your site are wrong for your industry and are running more visitors away than driving a sale
  • Your website load is just too slow and users lose interest
  • Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or content marketing is not maximized to help Google drive traffic to your website

Vivid Visual Solutions will analyze what’s working with your branding strategy – and what’s not.

There will be some brainstorming and research sessions to cultivate ideas and strategies that best work for your brand. You’ll take our Free Brand Identity Quiz to help us understand how you perceive your brand so we can take steps to help your customers perceive you that way, too.

Finally, we’ll create a detailed, step‐by‐step plan that outlines how we’ll help you meet your brand strategy goals. Building a brand can include:

  • Logo and graphic creation
  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Professional photos of you and your staff
  • Creation of various additional marketing materials.

Whatever your brand needs, Vivid Visual Solutions is with you, every step of the way. Get started today.

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Our process Design

Once we have a roadmap for building a brand, we’ll start creating all the visual elements that will tell the world who you are. This can include elements such as logo design, web design, social media graphics and photography.

To do this, we’ll go through three main steps to the design process.

Color selection and logo design

Many people mistake their logo for being their brand, but your logo is just one important pieces ‐‐ a recognizable symbol that people identify with your brand. Golden arches, a red can with white script writing, or a simple white apple evoke far more than just a simple image. They evoke popular culture, quality products, memories, and emotions. Vivid Visual Solutions will help you create a memorable, attractive, and unique logo that can help your customers instantly recognize your brand.

We’ll also help with the seemingly daunting task of brand color selection. The colors you choose for your brand should match your goals, brand identity, and the promise you make your target market. All colors evoke emotion. Red can mean fire, blood, danger, passion, strength, power, love, or sexuality, whereas, blue can have a calming effect and represent a sturdy, stable, and trustworthy, brand. Color choices can be the difference between successful brand communication and misunderstandings that hurt your bottom line.

Image Development

If your brand requires completely original sources, or if unique photos would really push the envelop for you, Vivid Visual Solutions is happy to set up any photoshoots for images we’ll need for your brand. This may include a personal photoshoot and image makeover for you and your team. A personal photoshoot is especially important if you plan to be the face of your company. We’ll help you “dress the way you want to be addressed.“

Website Design

Website design begins with black and white wireframe planning. A wireframe is similar to blueprint for a house and assists in making decisions on what pages and sections will be built within the website, how pages link together, where certain elements will be positioned, and how they will function. This document will be a conduit linking our web designer and web developer to insure all parts are built to the exact planned specifications.

After your approval, we’ll begin creating a high resolution mockup in Photoshop. We’ll put all of your images, photos, and logos together to create layouts of the website’s homepage and one of the interior pages with your new written content incorporated into the design. This is where you get to see how your branding might look for your customers. It’s also where we’ll work with you to get all of the details just right.

Upon your approval of all design elements, we’ll move on to the building process.

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Our process Build

Once all design elements are approved, we’ll start your web development which is the process of actually building the site using programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. We’ll use the mock‐ups and wireframe supplied by the designer, for the homepage and a secondary page and turn those into functional website pages. These pages will be placed on a development web server on the internet, so they will function much like your finished website.

We’ll create a building schedule that matches your goals and budget. We do require an upfront deposit, and final payment is due when we move the site into your possession, but we can also create a flexible payment plan for everything in between.

While we’re building your site, we can offer a variety of pre‐launch packages designed to create anticipation for your rebrand. With these packages, you can launch with all the fanfare and community‐building excitement your brand deserves.

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Our process Launch

Finally, the day we’ve all been awaiting: your brand’s launch. This is the day when your site goes live for all the world to see. All of your hard work finally comes together into your new brand. You now have a completed website, and maybe some social media accounts and content ready to send out to your email list.

It’s okay. You can celebrate. We know you want to.

While you crack open that champagne, we hope you don’t mind, but we’ll still be here taking care of a few last details to ensure your continued success. These next few weeks are crucial. We’ll capture video of actual website users to see the patterns they use and make sure your site is fully functional and easy to navigate. We’ll troubleshoot any hold‐ups and make any necessary tweaks to get your site perfect.

We’ll also get started on any additional maintenance and brand enhancement services you’d like. Unlike other branding agencies that create a website, hand you the keys, and wish you luck, we’re still with you even into your second glass of celebratory champagne and beyond.

If you need continued support for blogging, newsletter creation, social media marketing, or website maintenance, we’re here. If you need photography and image creation just to freshen up your site a bit or for new members of your team, or continuous advice on how to leverage your brand, we’re here for that, too.

Are you ready for a stunning new image, a dynamic website, and a whole new you? Take our Free Brand Identity Quiz to find out if your current branding needs a makeover, and get started with Vivid Visual Solutions, your concierge branding coach, today!

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Our process Grow

You have a memorable logo that speaks to your target market. Your website is up; it’s visually stunning, functions perfectly, and your customers love it.

In a perfect world, this is where you could sit back and watch the sales roll in. You could get back to doing what you do best: running your company. Unfortunately, digital marketing simply doesn’t work that way. In order for your company to grow, so must your customer base. And that means continuous marketing efforts. That also means keeping your website in tip‐top shape so customers have the best possible experience.

Digital marketing requires continuous research, maintenance, and creativity. It can be a full‐time job. But you already have a job, right? In fact, if you’re like most business owners we know, you probably wear many hats. Finding the time to expand your customer base can be challenging.

But don’t worry. Vivid Visual Solutions has your back.

Now that you have a branding strategy and a platform for reaching your customers, it’s time to leverage it all for your bottom line. You need to convert page views to sales and browsers to customers. You need a community chock full of fans of your brand. You need to grow and nourish that community with communications like blog posts and videos. You need to attract new community members using social media and newsletters. And you need it to all fit into your branding strategy.

We understand that marketing may not be what you do. But you still need to reach your customers. That’s why Vivid Visual solutions offers a variety of brand growth packages that can include everything from basic website maintenance, to new content creation, to social media training and more. If you’re ready to leverage your new branding in the world of digital marketing, Vivid Visual Solutions is here the help. Give us a call today to discuss the best plan for your business.