According to the Harvard Business Review, companies spend an average of 15-35% of total costs on sales and marketing. Finding and nurturing the right leads deserve that much of your budget. But how do you know you’re spending that precious funding effectively? In other words, how do you know that your customers perceive you the way you want them to? Let’s take a quick look at the centerpiece of your image – your business logo – to see what prospective clients really think about you.

The Busy Logo

Intricate patterns. Lots of tiny details. A bunch of different style elements. If people can’t recognize your logo just by its silhouette, it is probably too busy. What this tells your clients is that you are chaos and clutter and that you can’t focus or prioritize your efforts.

The Solution: Use simple lines and just one or two colors. Work with a designer and branding coach who can help you distil the essence of your brand into one simple image.

The Oddly-Colored Logo

Speaking of colors, did you know that hues evoke certain thoughts and emotions from people? So if you chose pink and gray for a dirt bike repair shop or red and black for a spa and massage parlor, you may be sending the wrong message to potential customers.

The Solution: Learn about the meaning of colors and choose colors based on how you want your brand perceived, not what you like or think matches. Vivid Visual Solutions will not only help you choose the right colors for your business logo design in Southfield, we’ll create your logo in shades and tones that are appealing together.

The Generic Logo

One sign that your logo might be too generic is getting a lot of clients asking for lower prices and threatening to go to your competition if you don’t give in. A generic logo tells people that there’s nothing special about you – you’re just like everyone else and they can replace you.

The Solution: While there are plenty of ways to brand yourself as unique, it all starts with your logo. Work with a branding coach to discover what makes you, what you can offer that no one else can. Share what you discover with your logo designer.

The Wrong Logo

Okay. So you have a simple, appropriately colored logo that’s completely original. But somehow, the wrong clients want to work with you, while the right clients are nowhere to be found. Or worse, people go wonder what the heck it is you do at all. No matter how much you invest in a logo, if it’s just not right for your company, it’s going to sabotage your marketing efforts before you even begin.

The Solution: Work closely with your designer to ensure he or she truly understands who you are and what your goals are. This person should understand your product and your market.

Does your designer ask the right questions, like:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is your unique offering?
  • Would you be willing to do a few branding exercises before we get started?
  • How will your logo fit into the overall customer experience?


Are you ready to have a brand that stands out…that speaks to your ideal clients? Did you like this blog? Are you ready to move to the next phase of up leveling your brand and attracting new clients?

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