Want a new website or re-brand, but aren’t sure how Vivid Visual Solutions can help? Just take a look at our latest success story.

Dr. La-Toya Gaines is an experienced family psychologist who recently opened her own business. She had office space in a building with several other mental health professionals in Southfield, Michigan, but wasn’t sure where to begin when it came to marketing. She knew she needed an online presence if she was going to reach the busy families who needed her most.

That’s when she called us.

The Making of a Brand

Many of our new clients come to us with an existing website that’s either outdated or isn’t getting the traffic they need. In these cases, we evaluate the site, then focus on making every page work for the brand. Dr. Gaines, however, was starting completely from scratch. That meant we’d have to work especially closely with her on the front end to make sure we interpreted her vision properly. It meant that we’d be building her brand from the ground up.

We worked with her to develop a brand strategy, including:

  • Creating a customer avatar to focus in on who her ideal clients are
  • Understanding which archetype her brand fit into
  • Focusing on her goals and vision for her practice

But that was just the beginning.

Next, we worked with Dr. Gaines to create a custom, one-of-a-kind logo that embodied not only Dr. Gaines herself, but would immediately tell potential clients that she was caring, experienced, and professional – all at a glance.

A Stunning New Website

After a consultation with Vivid Visual Solutions, we recommended our basic, 5-page website for Dr. Gaines’ needs.

First, I wrote unique, search-engine-optimized copy to tell visitors who Dr. Gaines is and how she can help them.

While I was working on that, Lisa used her local Southfield photography connections and pro-level make-up skills to give Dr. Gaines professional photos to use on all of her social media profiles, website, and other marketing materials

Next, Lisa Noble created a couple of custom design options for Dr. Gaines to choose from. These included a wireframe blueprint, a color pallet that matches the emotion of the Family Matters Counseling and Psychological Services brand, and images of her ideal clients.

Once the winning design was approved, we got started coding and building the website. In the meantime, we continued to work with Dr. Gaines to build an effective marketing strategy that will include blog editing and social media marketing moving forward.

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The Result?

At Vivid Visual Solutions, we strive to surpass expectations and make every single one of our clients happy. Did we succeed with Dr. Gaines?

We’ll let her tell you in her own words.

Want to launch (or re-launch) your brand with an experienced, professional creative agency? Contact us to find out how you can get started today!