You know you need business cards, even in this digital, social media, mobile-responsive world. Good ol’ in-person network is still alive and kicking.

So you need business cards. You probably already know this. But what you might not know is that you need great business cards.

There are tons of reasons to tell yourself it’s okay to skimp on business cards.

The importance of a business card

So you find the quickest, cheapest way to get cards together and start handing them out. All you need is a way for people you meet in the real world to find your website, right?


Your business card tells people far more than just how to contact you. Click To Tweet

It tells them whether you’re serious about your business.


Here’s 4 things your business card may be telling potential clients.


Thin, flimsy stock or punch-out cards say: I’m cheap. I don’t want to invest in marketing and I cut corners. My business will go under in about the same amount of time it takes for your wallet to destroy my card.


Try Instead:

Professionally-printed business cards on thick card stock. Don’t even think about using cards you buy at office supply stores and printing at home. People can tell.


Free business cards with someone else’s logo on the back say: I’m small-time.I’m not really serious about my business, but free business cards are neat.


Try Instead:

Springing for business cards that are truly yours. Your business cards should be about you and your business, not Vistaprint or any other print house offering freebies. You can get 100 great (although perhaps not professionally designed) cards for less than $50 and your clients know this. Make sure they know you’re willing to invest in your company and show potential customers that their business is important to you.


Hard to Read or missing crucial information say: I don’t actually want you to contact me 
Cluttered, misspelled, or incomplete business cards are not only unprofessional, but annoying. Your business card is your face. Invest in it! Know your audience and how they want to reach you.

Try Instead:

Find out how your clients want to contact you and learn the language they use to describe your title and industry. Make sure that information is crisp and clear, and leave everything else off the card. They can find it on your website, anyway.


Bland or unprofessional design says: I’m as good as the next guy.
My business has no personality and I’m the same as everyone else.

Try Instead:

Hiring a professional graphic designer who knows what pizzazz is. Look, you’re an expert at what you do, so let a designer use their expertise to create a fitting business logo design and an appealing card. It’s a one-time expense that will pay for itself over and over.


Ready to invest in business cards designed to impress?

Vivid Visual Solutions offers business card packages that start at $997 including:

  • Business Logo design
  • Double-sided business card design
  • Stationary or 1 e-flyer design
  • Formatted Image files
  • 250 printed business cards

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