As a branding coach, web designer, and make-up artist, I am passionate about helping others to improve their web presence and increase traffic to their business online and offline.  In order to do this I recommend not only increasing your social media conversations, but also going to local networking events and talking about your services.  We all want to work with people we know and trust.  It is very important to create a relationship with your customer.

Last weekend I attended a networking event here locally and connected with a few people through really great conversations. During the event, I passed out a few cards and received a few cards etc. I plan to contact the business owners via email and possibly connect with them on social media channels like Linkedin,Twitter, Facebook and email.

Do you dread talking to people at meet and greet events? 

Networking used to be really hard for me because I was a little shy when it came to walking up and talking to people. Now I have a system that’s makes me feel more comfortable.

Three easy tips for people like me who have felt uncomfortable in these type of settings.

  1. There are more people with this same discomfort than you think.  Find someone who looks like they are feeling a little awkward and out of place and strike up a conversation with them.  This will give you both a boost in your confidence and get you warmed up.
  2. Practice your “Elevator pitch at home”.  Have three benefits of your customer to talk about.  What value do you bring to your customers.
  3. Have three questions to ask people about themselves.  Note also that when you go to a networking event you are speaking with a warm audience and everyone wants to be talked to.  Some suggestions of what to say:
    • What do you do?
    • What brings you here?
    • I always hate these things.  What about you?  (Most people feel the same way lol)

Networking is definitely one of the major keys to business. What is you networking icebreaker? What do you do to keep the conversation going after the parties over?

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