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What does your brand say about you?

Is it giving your clients more questions than answers?

Your brand is your image. It’s more than just a logo or a website, or a social media marketing plan. To the rest of the world, it’s who you are as a company.

What do people see when they look at your brand? Is your brand helping or hurting your bottom line? Why leave it up to chance? Take control of your image by building a vivid, bull’s-eye brand that expresses everything you want it to—and nothing you don’t.

Brand strategy

How does it work?

Vivid Visual Solutions has the experience and expertise to create a dynamic, targeted brand you need to explode your web presence and launch your name into the forefront of your clients’ minds—all in a stream-lined, 5-step process.


Let’s start with a roadmap of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


We’ll work with you to create each and every visual of your brand, from logo to website imagery.


Once you approve the design, we’ll build your site, page by page, until it’s perfect.


In this step, your site goes live and your company has a targeted face to show the world!


Consistently generate new website traffic that you can convert into customers and fans of your brand! We can continue to grow your web presence by maintaining your site, creating social media, and strategically building your email list.

  • Plan

    Your Branding Plan starts with an analysis of where you are now. We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation 16-point Website Analysis that will illuminate your site’s branding strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also discuss your competitor’s site, what they are doing wrong and right, and how you could do it better . You’ll learn about how our brand coaching team can take your site from its current form and turn it into a lead-generating, web presence-building, bottom line-raising machine with social media, photoshoots, list building, and whatever else fits your brand.

  • Design

    We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation 16-point Website Analysis that will illuminate your site’s branding strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also discuss yoursites that you like and your competitor’s site, what they are doing wrong and right, and how you could do it better sites your competition is using. You’ll learn about how our brand coaching team can take your site from its current form and create a lead-generating, web presence-building, bottom line-raising machine.

  • Build

    Once you’re satisfied with all the design elements, we’ll begin building your site. We collaborate with you throughout the entire process, and you’ll be able to approve or request changes before we finalize a single web page. Our flexible payment and scheduling options make it easy to choose when and how Vivid Visual Solutions builds your brand.

  • Launch

    Once you’re happy with all the details, it’s time to launch your brand into the world with all the fanfare it deserves. We can help you generate excitement and anticipation for your launch before we even go live. Once live,we can help you user test your site to ensure customers are getting the most out of your investment. Plus, your website will be warrantied for 3 months.

  • Grow

    Now that you’re showing your best face to the world, Vivid Visual Solutions can help you enter the rarefied air of recognizable and trusted brands by growing your web presence. Not only will we continue to maintain your site to ensure it’s running smoothly, but we’ll constantly monitor what elements make your website most effective for your unique customer base. You can choose from a variety of continuous content creation packages so you can utilize effective marketing and branding strategies like social media, blogging, newsletters, and videos. Keep your brand fresh and dynamic by growing your web presence each and every day!


We listen, we advise, we design, we develop!

Vivid Visual solutions is a full-service branding agency staffed with a website developer, graphic and web designer, photographer, make-up artist, copywriter and digital marketing team all under one name. We create one-of-a-kind branding strategies and elements like a logo, social media/web voice, and visual style that combine into your brand’s web presence.

If you’re ready to shake off those old, tired marketing strategies and step into the latest effective branding strategies being developed every day, Vivid Visual Solutions may be the branding coach for you.

To learn about how we can revitalize your brand, click on any image in the graphic below to read a case study about how Vivid Visual Solutions has provided effective, inspiring branding elements to other our satisfied business owners.


Hi. I’m Lisa Noble and I’ll be your branding coach.

Hi. I’m Lisa M. Noble and I’ll be your branding coach.

I appreciate your taking to time to check out Vivid Visual Solutions. We are a full-service branding company that builds effective, visually stunning websites around your vision and your company.

I have over a decade of experience in both graphic design and web development that give me the perfect background to knock your socks off with branding that speaks to your customers. I love working closely with my clients to extract the essence of who they are and package that in a way that drives traffic, reputation, and sales.

When I graduated from Davenport University with a B.A. in Web Management (with honors), I knew I had something distinctly unique to offer my clients: an innovative approach that combines dynamic design and cutting-edge technology with a full-service philosophy.

Other companies simply toss up a website, hand clients the keys, and wish them luck.

Not Vivid Visual Solutions.

We don’t do cookie-cutter branding or one-size-fits-all web sites.

We don’t leave you to fend for yourself in a web environment that grows more and more competitive by the minute.

My team and I will be with you for every step of the brand creation process, from concept, to design, to implementation. I’m even happy to offer logo creation, photography services, and continued strategies for conversion to help you develop all facets of your brand and keep it relevant and dynamic long after your site goes live.

I love that I can use my skills and talents to help clients reach an elevated level of brand expression. It’s what drives me to pursue a graduate business degree and continue to hone advanced design and web skills. I’ve been a student of art all of my life, and developing visually stunning, mobile-friendly websites that launch my clients to the forefront of their industries is incredibly rewarding.

I can’t wait to hear about your vision. Let’s cultivate exceptional, strategic branding that your customers simply cannot ignore. Let’s get started today!

Vivid Visual Solutions is ready to take your brand and web presence to the next level. Are you?

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