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Intentional Excellence Consulting Brand Refresh

Introducing Deana Jean, the ultimate collaboration guru who knows how to dazzle and dominate. When it came to revamping her brand strategy, she knew there was only one agency up to the task – Vivid Visual Solutions, the trailblazers in architecting success. Their mission? To inject some serious pizzazz into Deana’s brand, effortlessly attracting a diverse range of clients like moths to a flame. With their masterful modernization, they transformed Deana’s brand into a jaw-dropping masterpiece, oozing elegance and establishing unparalleled authority in the digital realm. Now armed with a commanding presence, Deana, the Collab Queen herself, is ready to conquer, captivating and empowering her extensive client base with renewed energy and visually striking elements. Get ready to bow down to the queen of collaboration, because Deana Jean is here to reign supreme!

Brand Collateral Creation

IEC before after brand refresh
IEC new colors
IEC signage
IEC logo added to website
IEC stationary