social media management & marketing

Social media provides a great opportunity to connect with your existing and future customers, but being present on social media is an ongoing investment of your time and energy. The thought of handing off your social media probably evokes a great feeling of relief along with a bit of anxiety. You want to be sure that everything posted to your social media accounts is in harmony with your brand’s voice and visual style. At Vivid Visual Solutions, we take pride in inspiring the ease of mind you deserve with social media management.

Brand Growth

The most effective brands on social media share a mixture of attention-grabbing visuals and punchy copy that gets likes, shares, and clicks. We handle both the visual and the written aspects, along with the custodial work of making sure that your posts go out on a regular basis. With a consistent stream of engaging social media content, you’ll grow your following, and your bottom line.

Social media posts

Want to learn more? We’re happy to explain the details of the process and how branding can benefit your business, in a free consultation.

What are people saying

Before I worked with Lisa Noble of Vivid Visual Solutions, I had no clear guidance on how to engage and attract new clients and build my audience through the various use of social media platforms.  Before working with Lisa my instagram page lacked having a theme.  I’m happy to say it has a theme now and Lisa provided me with so much feedback, advice, tips, and data to help me grow in my social media presence.

Lisa is very professional and relatable. She listens and really tries to learn your business and your needs.  I love that she made me accountable by giving me homework.  It was something I very much needed and was appreciative of because I can use the information to further my business.

I think Lisa and her team are very creative and resourceful and whatever business needs I may encounter down the road, I trust that she will be able to assist em or point me in the right direction.

Kawana Baldwin, Owner and Licensed Esthetician, Eyelash Kween