Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re an online or service-based business that’s pivoting. If that’s the case, then I know you’ve heard of or have even created landing pages before.

Landing pages are a critical component of your business and can be used primarily for lead generation and sales.

I’ve created several landing pages for clients over the years and wanted to share 9 misconceptions and myths about landing pages. 

So, let’s count them down. 


9 Misconceptions about Landing Pages

9| Landing pages are the same as homepages.

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking your homepage can do it all! When it comes to laser-focused campaigns for generating leads or driving conversions, you want to rely on a landing page and not the site that provides an overview or hub for your website.

person working on landing page on laptop

8| One size fits all.

One landing page to market all of your offers or services is a no-go. To truly captivate your audience and boost your campaigns, you need a tailored landing page that highlights one specific offer and speaks directly to the target audience for that offer.


7| You can set it and forget.

You could do that if you want to, but if you want your landing page to perform well, you need to be committed to tweaking and fine-tuning it to keep on track with your evolving brand, the market and your client base. This will ensure you’re landing page is always hittin’. 

6| More is better. 

Stuffing your landing page with a bunch of info is not the way to go. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Your goal is to direct your visitors with a laser-focused call to action. Streamline your landing page for increased conversions. 

5| Landing pages should always be short. 

Going back to #8, landing pages aren’t one-size-fits-all. Even though you want to be direct and to the point and not waste anyone’s time or overwhelm them with too much information, you also don’t want to leave them with unanswered questions. Give them the information they need to pull the trigger. Keep it concise and tailored to your offer and audience.

computer on desk with Black Friday Sale on screen

4| Looks are all that matter. 

They say “content is king” for a reason. Your landing page should be visually appealing, but without great content it’s just a pretty picture. You need words to connect with your audience and drive them to act on your offer. A gorgeous landing page without the content to back it up does your business no good.

3| Eyes on the page equals $$$.

Driving traffic to your landing page is great, but quantity does not equal quality. You need not only eyes on your page, but the right eyes on the page and you need your visitors to click the button to sign on, to buy your resource, to join your program. Clear calls to action, persuasive content, and user-friendly design do the work on a top-performing landing page.

2| Landing pages are stuck in time. 

Once your landing page is completed, it’s important to monitor, test, and optimize it based on data. Conversion rates, visitor feedback, and A/B testing are your friends here. If you want your launch or offer landing page to do well, be ready to make improvements and get those conversion rates jumping.

1| Landing pages are only for lead generation.

Landing pages are definitely used for lead generation and sales, but they can also be effective for promoting events and gathering feedback. It’s a powerhouse in your marketing tool kit.


Hopefully, this has helped debunk these myths and misconceptions about landing pages and you’re one step closer to achieving amazing conversions leveraging this tool.

If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or team to wield this powerful tool for your business, Vivid Visual Solutions is a branding and marketing agency that will make sure you have a well-designed site that will captivate and convert your audience.