Hey, CEO (Chief EVERYTHING Officer)!

I know you’re busy and you’re feeling like you have to hold everything down and be this amazing businesswoman who’s got it ALL under control.

Maybe you’ve believed the hype that there is something badass or special about doing it all yourself or maybe your budget can’t handle hiring a team just yet. Whatever the reason you’re going solo, I wanted to give you a few reasons to consider taking branding and marketing your business off of your plate.

busy female CEO

1 | You Don’t Have Time to Learn A New Skill

  • Client Fulfillment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Meetings
  • Billing
  • Content Creation
  • Scheduling

The list goes on and on when it comes to all the tasks you’re probably handling as a solopreneur or CEO of a business with a team of one.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, the goal of a CEO is to move from working in her business to working ON her business. Even if your business is doing well and you have steady income, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels if you’re constantly attending to the needs of your business with no end in sight.

Automation is key. Having systems in place is key, but so is delegating.

You have a finite amount of time each day, week, month and year, and I’m sure your revenue goals are time sensitive or you want to achieve them expediently. If you’re not seeing desired results from your marketing efforts, it’s time to reassess and learn how to level up your game, rebrand and relaunch, or implement new strategies.

The problem with that course of action is that you don’t have time for all that.

If you give this aspect of your business the attention it needs, something else is inevitably going to fall by the wayside.

Outsourcing and partnering with an agency or consultant who has the experience and skill needed to brand and market your business will help keep you focused on operations you want AND that are revenue producing.

2 | You Need to Get In Front of Your Ideal Clients 

You’re experiencing some success. You’re bringing in revenue, but you’re finding that your clients are stressing you out. You’re dreading working with some of them or providing the service they need.

A main culprit of this is serving anyone who finds out about you through referrals or just came across you through searching Google. My first piece of advice to this problem is, as soon as you can, STOP THAT! I don’t mean to yell, but this is one of the quickest ways to burn out on running your service based business. Where does hiring a brand consultant or agency come in?

Well, if you want to attract clients that you are passionate about serving, you have to speak to them. You have to be attractive to them. You have to invite them to interact with your brand. You have to stand out and present your business in a way that is distinct from any other in your niche.

A branding agency helps you do just that. From your logo to your digital presence, a branding agency helps you develop ways to attract your ideal client and guide them through the customer journey. An agency will work with you to pull out your business’s personality and what would speak to those people who need what you’re offering. With consistent visual and written messaging across all channels, you can establish yourself as a brand that your ideal clients can trust and want to buy from.

3 | You Want a Refresh 

If you’ve been under the assumption that your service or what you provide your clients is your brand, it’s time to reassess and hit the refresh button.

Your brand is a whole lot more than that. If you’ve been relying on your service – however spectacular it is – to do the heavy lifting of a branding and marketing strategy it’s time to change that now. You need to partner your expertise with an agency who knows how to reach those who need your expertise.

With a branding consultant, you’ll answer new and different questions to help you tap into your desired market with creative strategies and a branding identity that presents you well and speaks to your ideal client loud and clear.

4 | You Don’t Want to Waste Time or Money

You could hire an in-house marketing team, but that would require you to come up with a job description for each position on the team. You would need to interview and select the best candidates, offer them the job, hire them, make sure all their paperwork is in order, onboard them, and conduct an initial meeting with them to establish your business and marketing goals so that they can get to work. Not to mention, any other issues or concerns that come with having employees.

By outsourcing your marketing to an agency – possibly by using a social media RFP (or request for proposal) – you’ll still be allocating funds from your budget to get the work done. The main difference is you pay only for what you need – whether it’s by project or on a retainer basis. There’s more flexibility and in most cases when you hire an agency there are multiple people working on your brand and propelling you toward your goals.

5 | An Agency Does the Heavy Lifting

When you hire an agency like Vivid Visual Solutions, we handle market and competitive analysis, keyword research, search engine optimization, creating customer personas, developing websites, brand identity design, and content creation over various digital spaces.

Our team helps you:

  • Overcome the overwhelm of running and operating your service-based business;
  • Structure your time on the revenue-generating tasks by developing and/or implementing your branding and marketing strategies;
  • Avoid common pitfalls when creating or refreshing your brand;
  • Achieve your goals; and
  • Create a business you love and want to tell everyone about.

It’s our passion to create brand identities and marketing strategies that will attract the clients you want to serve and set you apart from your competition.

If you made it this far and Vivid Visual Solutions sounds like an agency you want to work with, learn more about our Strategic Brand Shake Up VIP Day.

Your brand deserves to be in front of the people who need you!

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