You’ve launched your offer for your consulting firm.

It’s great! It delivers results and you have a few satisfied clients.

The problem? You’re not seeing the growth you were projecting and hoping for.

What is the key to building trust in your marketing? Reasons to Believe Marketing.

Frustrated business owner

Let me explain.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your offer is or how much time you’ve put into developing it. If you don’t answer some key questions in your messaging or pitch, your audience may not be properly motivated to do business with you and then you’ll be leaving money on the table.

In every marketing opportunity, you need to speak to how your service will solve your clients’ problems or help them overcome their obstacles. You need to walk them through how what you provide will help them achieve their goals. Paint a picture of what their situation will look like on the other side of using your service.

The next thing you need to do is partner that messaging with RTBs or reasons to believe. Give your audience Reasons To Believe or to trust that you’ll be able to deliver everything you’ve laid out for them. Benefits, transformations, and reasons to believe go hand-in-hand.

As a B2B agency, our RTB is a powerful tool to secure trust and sound credible. Business owners who need the service we provide don’t have the time or funds to waste on an agency or consultant who is all talk with no substance. Another word for RTB is proof point.

So, how do you prove to a potential client that you can deliver? 

4 Approaches to and Examples of Creating Reasons To Believe in Marketing

1 | Explain
Let your audience know what they’re getting into when they sign with you

During my Strategic Brand Shake Up VIP Day we break down your brand and marketing strategy in 5 steps in just one day. We look at your brand’s PURPOSE and understand why you’re in business and the reason people should trust you. We nail your brand’s PERSONALITY and find the best strategy for communicating and interacting with your customers. We identify your PEOPLE and – through market research – discuss who your ideal client is and what their needs and desires are. We discuss how to PURSUE those ideal clients by identifying and researching your brand’s competition and how you can stand out to your audience and give them something your competition is not. Lastly, we PLAN. We create the Brand Marketing Road Map that will align your brand identity and marketing strategy with your business goals. This roadmap is the perfect guide for your in-house or outsourced team so that everyone is on the same page.”

2 | Endorse
Show your audience that your pitch is supported by a recognized, unbiased third party. 

“DesignRush determined that Vivid Visual Solutions was one of the top 10 digital marketing companies in Detroit in 2021. This distinction was given to companies that helped brands target their ideal customers and create strategies for every stage of the sales funnel to convert prospects into paying customers.”

3 | Differentiate
Demonstrate how your brand provides something different. 

“Unlike other agencies – Vivid Visual Solutions does not just have website designers or logo designers. We have a variety of branding strategies at our disposal – making us more versatile than agencies that specialize! We have services that can meet you where you are and scale with you as you grow your firm. Our team help overwhelmed, established female entrepreneurs uncover and articulate their brand’s uniqueness so they can position themselves as the expert and amplify their revenue without spending all their time working in their business.

4 | Storytell
Let your audience in with engaging stories about how your service was developed.

“I originally went to art school assuming I would become a graphic or fine artist. Little did I know that I was partially right.⁣⁣ I eventually changed my major to website development. The language of HTML and the internet became my muse and I found that the technique and logic of code combined with my love for art would become a passion to help women build businesses that they dreamed about and wanted to grow…”

Reasons To Believe Marketing Tips for Your B2B Agency

  • Tie RTBs to the benefit.
  • Use RTBs that enhance your credibility.
  • Don’t use too many RTBs. You want to keep your audience focused.
  • Don’t sound just like your competitors. Stand out! 
  • Don’t use too much industry jargon or language that will lose your audience. 
  • Don’t skip using an RTB in your marketing.

With well-crafted RTBs in your marketing, you can communicate your credibility and instill confidence in prospective clients. 

Vivid Visual Solutions is an agency that helps you not only attract your ideal clients but develop strategies that will cultivate relationships that turn prospective clients into brand ambassadors.

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