Are your social media marketing efforts falling flat?
Perhaps you aren’t getting the Likes you expected or the followers you need. Or maybe you’re happy with all that, but simply don’t want to stop growing. Either way, here’s how to do even better.

Are You Doing All You Can?

Okay, so let’s start with the basics. Are you:

On the right social media platform?

If you’re an interior designer who specializes in kitchen renovations, you won’t want to put much effort into Snapchat or LinkedIn. Why? Because that’s not where your customers hang out. Find out where your target should be and focus your time and budget there. And make Facebook a priority, too. They have the lion’s share of users so don’t miss out on them!


While you shouldn’t spread your attention too thin, you should at least have a profile on each social media channel so you can point people toward your website, provide contact info, and tell users about your active profiles. Just make sure your branding and info are consistent across all platforms so you’re easily recognizable wherever you are.


While digitally pointing to your Facebook page on other social media channels is great, don’t forget about everywhere else. Make sure links to your profile are on your website. And what about any swag, business cards, brochures, etc.? Make sure you tell everyone you’re on Facebook so they’ll come looking.


Social Media Plan Ebook

Working on your social media plan?
Download the 4 Questions to ask before you get started.


Sharing quality content?

If all you’re doing is offering coupons or showing off pictures of other people’s kitchens that you’ve designed, your followers are going to get tired of hearing from you really fast. Not only will you not get Likes, but you’ll lose followers. Instead, make sure most of your posts are valuable, entertaining, or engaging for your audience, and only once in a while plug your business.

Interact with Your Followers

Ready to sit back and watch the Likes roll in? Nope. To keep your followers engaged, you have to be a part of that conversation. Ask questions. Respond to comments. And most importantly, like and follow back. Seek out people who have lots of followers in your market and enrich their pages. There’s a good chance they’ll return the favor.

Using Facebook Promotions?

One of the best things about Facebook is that they make it easy to run promotions and contests right on your page. There are some very specific rules on how to run them, so make sure you check those out, first. Promotions are a great way to boost your Likes. And when paired with Facebook Ads, you can gain a lot of new followers, too. Just make sure you target your audience. For example, if you’re that kitchen designer and you’re local, make sure you target Facebook Promotions in Southfield.


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