Are you confused about why your Facebook marketing efforts haven’t panned out?

You’re not alone.

But it’s not you. It’s Facebook.

And no, we’re not just saying that. The Facebook algorithm has actually begun limiting the number of people who see any given post.

But it’s still not time to worry.

(Trust us. We’ll tell you when.)

You can take advantage of this change by using Facebook ads and here’s how.

Facebook’s Mysterious Algorithm

Remember when your whole audience saw all of your posts without Facebooks Ads? Those were the days, huh? Back then, there were fewer people (and businesses) on Facebook. But these days, if the algorithmic powers that be showed you every single post from every single person you follow, you’d spend hours on the site just to get through them all.

Like anybody has time for that!

Instead, the Facebook algorithm vets posts for you by only showing what it thinks you’ll like. You get the posts you want, while the ones you don’t want disappear.

Why Facebook Ads?

Do you see the problem if you’re just starting your business account, though? How can you get lots of Likes if Facebook doesn’t show your posts to lots of people until lots of people Like them?

That’s where Facebook ads come in.

For a small fee, you can get your posts in front of more people—before any of your audience responds to them.

We know.

You have enough business expenses at it is, right? Now you have to pay for people to see your posts?

The internet is filled with business owners ranting about Facebook forcing them to pay to play, but we actually think this is good news.

Before you get that “e tu Brute” look in your eyes, let us explain.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Paying for advertising acts like an admission fee. The small (and totally worth it!) fee you pay ensures that only serious businesses will use Facebook ads. That’s good because you’re serious about your business, right? And you don’t want to compete with amateurs—like Bob, who has no experience and just thought starting a business might be an easy way to make money.

Believe it or not, Facebook wants to help businesses who only produce great posts.

And what makes a great post?

Lots of Likes, Shares, and Comments. If you get them, that tells Facebook you have a lot to offer. So the algorithm starts showing your post to more people, which means you’ll probably get even more interaction. If someone likes a lot of your stuff, your posts will be featured higher in their timeline and they’ll see more from you.

So while your views might initially suffer without Facebook ads, so will your competitors’. And some of them won’t step up to the plate like you will, making it easy to leave them in the dust.

We thought you’d like that.


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